Angle Drives

Instrument and flexible drives are not able to run at the high revs of some engines and consequently reduction boxes are utilised to reduce the speeds to acceptable levels.

Our angle gearboxes are most useful when it is not convenient to fit a flexible drive directly to the take off point of a machine, engine or transmission, for example where a vehicle gearbox is located close to a chassis member. Such cases arise where the flexible drive would have to be routed round a very tight radius.

Conversely angle drives can be fitted to the driven component where space is at a premium eg. behind a motor vehicle dashboard, in which case the angle drive would be fitted to the threaded input of the speedometer or rev counter.

Gearboxes are the only choice where a change of rotation is necessary.

We are in an enviable position of having the knowledge and expertise based on our associations with Smiths Industries and Thos. Richfield and Son.

If you are looking for precision miniature correction gearboxes and angle drives this is the place. Speedograph Richfield Ltd has the knowledge and expertise to manufacture a vast range of miniature gearboxes / corrector boxes both

non-reversing and reversing.
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With over 100 types available there should be one to suit your needs.

If having looked through our range, you are unsure, or cannot find anything suitable then contact us and we will do our best to help.

We have facilities to cut our own spur gears and helical gears (both right hand and left hand helixes).

Should you have a requirement for cut gears don’t hesitate to contact us.