Custom Made Hairsprings

If you Are unable to find a suitable Spring from our extensive range of stock Items
Please complete the Custom Spring design form located on this page and let our Engineers Design your exact requirements for you

We produce springs from the following metals

This is the most widely used alloy, combines reasonably low electrical resistance (15microhms per c.c.) with moderate corrosion resistance and adequate mechanical strength for most applications.

This is used when high electrical conductivity is paramount. Mechanical strenth however is very low, this alloy has anelectrical resistivity of only 2 microhms per c.c.

This alloy has exceptional mechanical strengthand elastic stability, particularly when subjected to severe vibration and high stresses as when used in aircraft instruments. It has an electrical sensitivity of only 6.3 microhms per c.c. and good corrosion resistance.

This virtually non-magnetic steel is used in applications where the main consideration is extreme resistance to corrosion.