Mechanical Tachometers

Our analogue instruments are available in a wide variety of dial scales, giving clear accurate speed measurement with the added quality of rugged constructional strength to ensure total reliability in poor operational conditions due to shock, vibration, temperature, dirt etc.

Speedograph Richfield’s long and broad experience in the tachometer market has ensured that a comprehensive range of accessories is available to enable instruments to be driven by all types of machinery and prime movers in many industries including:

  • Diesel and Turbine
  • Earth moving and Construction
  • Compressor
  • Textile
  • Machine tool
  • Rail Traction
  • Marine
  • Printing Machinery
  • Plastics

These instruments give:

  • High Quality - Long life
  • Anti-shock and Vibration
  • Dial diameter of 100 mm
  • Calibrated in RPM, MPH, FT/MIN, UNITS/MIN, INS/MIN, GALS / MIN etc
  • Clockwise, anti-clockwise rotation of center zero
  • Total counters option
  • Input speeds from 125 to 6000 revs/min
  • Comprehensive range of accessories



: +/- 2% of full scale over 5 to 100% of scale deflection

Operating Temperature

: minus10 to plus 70 degrees C


: Diecast, powder Coated


: Circular polished stainless steel or square black finish


: Flat or Stepped

: Single or Dual linear scale

: Black background with white lettering or Vise Versa

: Coloured sectors if required

Multiplying factor

: X1, X10, X100, X1000


: Can be provided subject to space available

Trade marks

: By Negotiation


: Weatherproof. Accuracy is unaffected by external ferrous material

Maximum Viewing distance 2.4 meters (8ft)