Flexible Drive Cables (Smith’s Industries Code ICD)

Speedograph Richfield has over 60 years experience of flex drive making ensuring you get the best from the best.

A flexible drive enables the indicator to be conveniently placed up to 6 metres (20 ft) away from the machine take off. Features include: tough, waterproof covering, steel outer for extra protection against crushing, rigid design for longitudinal strength and freedom from “wind up”, all flex drives are suitable for clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation and are lubricated for long life.

When designing the layout for a flexible drive run, the following principles should be followed to ensure smooth operation and long life:

Keep the flex drive as short as possible.

Try to keep to straight runs and avoid any sharp bends, if necessary use an angle drive.

  • Where bends are unavoidable they should not have a radius of less than 230 mm (9”) otherwise the life of the flex drive will be reduced and fluctuations may be induced in the tachometer reading.
  • Drives should be supported every 400 – 500 mm (15” – 18”) along their length to prevent sagging and wear.
  • We can produce any take off drive that you require.

The instrument end would have a 1.1/4” x 20 TPI Union Nut and 3.5 mm square drive (Smith’s Code LW).

Some of the more popular ones are:


Smith’s Code


Union Nut




S R Code




¾” x 26 TPI


.292” Key






7/8” x 18 TPI


3/16” Key






7/8” x 18 TPI


5/32” Key






¾” x 26 TPI


3/32” Spade





Whatever your application we can produce exactly what you want so Contact Ustoday.