Calibration Form

To have a Speedometer recalibrated, the following exercise is all that is required for you to supply the information we need.

Please follow these instructions exactly

  1. Disconnect Flexible Drive from Instrument End
  2. Mark Drive Wheel tyre with chalk line, masking tape or similar.
  3. Mark body or chassis with a line corresponding to the line on the tyre.
  4. Ensure tyres are inflated to correct pressure.
  5. Push vehicle along the ground in a straight line for 6 turns of the wheel whilst an assistant counts the number of turns the inner speedometer cable makes, to the nearest 1/8 of a turn. (To facilitate ease of counting, a cardboard arrow can be made and pressed onto the end of the inner cable).
  6. Fill in and submit the form below or, if you prefer, get in touch by phone or email.
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